Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching:

The core of the Circle of Life coaching process is self-care. It is a gentle, powerful process for personal healing, self-empowerment and transformation. It incorporates mind/body practices and works with guided imagery, meditation and visualizations to help to learn to access one's inner voice and wisdom.

The Circle of Life Coaching process is geared to individuals seeking to thrive in their life and willing to work at discovering how they can affect positive, long-lasting changes to do so.

Key elements of the six-step process include:

  1. Setting intentions and goals.
  2. Recognizing strengths and challenges.
  3. Learning how to set "smart" action steps that
    are specific, measurable, realistic, and time oriented
  4. Re-evaluating action steps recognizing successes
    and impediments.
  5. Establishing new actions steps.
  6. Establishing accountability to follow through on the action steps.

This coaching process once learned becomes a lifelong tool for self-inquiry and positive change.

Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching is offered both individually, in person, via phone or on "Skype", and for groups.

For more information, contact or call 650-255-2761.