Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a bio-field, energy therapy that uses gentle, non-invasive hands-on touch and energy techniques to clear, balance and align the energy field to promote optimum health and well-being. Healing Touch emphasizes compassionate, heart-centered care in which the healer and client are equal partners in facilitating health and healing. Healing Touch is deeply restorative and relaxing, as it is in relaxation where healing occurs.

Healing Touch promotes "highest good", meaning that self-healing is the primary focus, rather than the cure. Whether as part of preventative health care, for help during acute or chronic illness or treatment, or during life transitions, Healing Touch can be of benefit and be a complement to conventional therapies. Healing Touch can help restore one's sense of true self, well-being and wholeness.

What happens in a Healing Touch Session?

In a typical Healing Touch session, while fully clothed and either lying down or seated in a chair, a session will begin with an intake from which intentions and treatment goals are established. As part of the intake, a pain scale is used to assess pain levels for physical pain, stress or mood.

A hand scan is done over the physical body in the energy field to assess the energy field and the chakras, or energy centers, are checked to determine if they are open or compromised.

Based on the intake and the mutual intentions set, the practitioner will use appropriate energy techniques to clear, balance and align the energy field. The recipient routinely experiences very deep relaxation and often falls asleep, and may feel energy movement in the body as small jerks of release or stomach gurgles.

Post treatment, a second scan of the energy field is done to check for changes to the field. The practitioner then gently ends the session. The practitioner checks in with the recipient to see how he or she is feeling and checks on pain levels and other session outcomes.

Sessions are documented and often suggestions for post treatment self-care are offered, including referrals to other specialized practitioners as appropriate. As a professional Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, common standards of confidentiality and professionalism found in clinical settings are adhered to by the Healing Touch practitioner.

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