Healing Touch Outcomes and Testimonials:


Healing Touch with Cancer patients: For many clients, who come initially to be supported through cancer treatment, there is a huge discovery about the healing process, transformation and looking beyond curing to exploring their own spirituality, way of life, emotional and mental states and stressors. Often we can shift the experience of ongoing cancer treatments to being part of one's life, as opposed to the focus. Having worked with hundreds of clients undergoing treatment for cancer, I understand that each individual's need and motivation for energy healing is different. When the cancer-care medical providers discuss the potential side effects of treatment, clients and I can work with intention for best possible outcomes of treatment with minimal side effects, most often with very positive results.

Client experience with Healing Touch and Cancer Treatment: A client with newly diagnosed throat cancer, with the complication of insulin dependent diabetes came to me just prior to beginning his radiation and chemotherapy treatments. In anticipation of the severe side effects of treatment a feeding tube had been placed to ensure adequate nutrition during treatment. As we began our sessions my client was willing but skeptical. We met regularly prior to and during his treatment process. The outcomes: my client never required use of the feeding tube, never required pain medication, experienced no radiation burn and maintained a stabilized diabetes status. The client's doctors were amazed that he completed treatment without interruption. My learning from this experience affirmed my confidence in the healing power of shared intentions and the power of Healing Touch.

Client testimonial: "You simply made me feel better.  During my most difficult times each time after I saw you I felt better in every way, both in body, mind and attitude, etc.  There is no doubt that you got me through Chemo and Radiation and Surgery in amazing shape - all of my doctors continue to be amazed at how well I have recovered and so far ahead of schedule of the average head and neck cancer patient.  I will forever be grateful"

Client Experience with Stress Management: A medical practitioner became a client to manage her neck, shoulder and jaw pain that had manifested as a result of her high stress life. We began with Healing Touch that provided relief from her symptoms, but they would return. As we started a coaching process that began to deal with the cause, rather than the symptoms alone, more sustained relief began to occur. We focused on setting priorities, self-care and time management objectives and over a six- to-eight week period the client began to trust, accept, let go and know that "all will be taken care of". Learning to move into healing presence and focus in the moment reduced the high stress patterns she had adopted and allowed her to self-manage her new pain free and reduced stress life style.

Client Experience with Pain Management: My client had been experiencing ongoing, persistent back pain for five years. When on pain medication she had a pain intensity score of 7/8, on a scale 10 being the highest. The pain made it difficult to sit for long periods of time and sleep was troublesome. Quality of life was affected adversely. By the fourth session, her pain was reduced to a score of 5 when active without pain medication and 0-3 while at rest. Sleep improved as she no longer had back pain when sleeping. We explored how stress plays a role in the pain, what was causing her stress and successfully reduced the stress as well as cleared her belief that she would always live with pain. We continue to work on eliminating pain, stress and life limiting beliefs.

Client Testimonial:
"I highly recommend Nina as a Healing Touch practitioner and health coach.  She brings professional skill, personal integrity, and great compassion to her work.  Years of experience bring a depth of understanding and loving acceptance of each person, just as they are.  Nina is well-connected to other resources and can recommend additional practitioners who may contribute to your healing."

Client Testimonial: "The sessions combine both the skillful and the soulful.  The impact of both, along with the practitioner's full attention to the client's spoken and unspoken needs make for an enhanced, sustained result.  This is some of the uniqueness of Healing Touch."

Experience with Elderly and Healing Touch:
As a complement to conventional medical care, residents at the Jewish Home, a skilled nursing facility in San Francisco receive Healing Touch for pain management, easing acute and chronic conditions, stress/anxiety reduction, mood enhancement and compassionate end of life care. Healing Touch has been helpful with a variety of conditions including Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer and osteoarthritis as they enjoy the deep relaxation, improved sense of well-being and pain reduction. Dementia and Alzheimer's patients experience significantly reduced agitation and increased responsiveness.

Testimonial: "I work with frail elderly clients.  Many of them have chronic conditions that modern medicine cannot cure.  My patients deal with severe pain related to these chronic diseases, and the only management tool I can use is strong pain medications to help them be more comfortable.  Of course, these medications have numerous side effects including increased risk for falls, confusion, fatigue, constipation, or loss of appetite which can be burdensome to elderly patients. Introducing Healing Touch to many of my patients with chronic painful conditions, they absolutely love their Healing Touch sessions and look forward to the holistic relief that they provide.  Many tell me how it not only helps their pain but it also encourages them to relax and have a better quality of life.  In some patients, I am even able to reduce medications, which is always a bonus.” JS, GNP, Jewish Home, Skilled Nursing, San Francisco

Cancer Journey Coaching:

Client Testimonial: "I wanted to let you know how truly grateful I am for the kind words, compassion and insights you provided during my coaching sessions. I believe the coaching helped me to move along through the roadmap and work towards healing at an accelerated pace.

I have a better understanding of who I am, what my strengths are and how to use them to continue to move through this journey. I realize I am not done yet and cancer has become a part of who I am, but that it does not define me as a person. I am hopeful again and optimistic."

Client Testimonial: "Nina has been an integral part of my cancer healing journey. From the very beginning, she has supported me and encouraged me to listen deeply to my own voice. It was in working with her that I discovered the beauty and power in surrender, that this is where healing truly occurs. And it is in surrender that I discovered it is my Divine birthright to know I am already healed, that the Source I believe in didn't create disease, and that I am always provided for. I highly recommend Nina as a cancer coach to help you through this difficult journey. She will lovingly guide you to your deepest self."

Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching Testimonials:

Client Testimonial: "The Circle of Life process is the tool I now use whenever I want to make a change in my life. For me, its value is twofold. It helps me work through and clear emotional obstacles and it helps me create practical steps toward reaching my goals. It's helped me make many positive, fulfilling changes in my life. I was lucky to have Nina as my Circle of Life facilitator. Her expertise and insights guided me through the process. Her enthusiasm, patience and openness kept me inspired and motivated. "

Client Testimonial: "With the Circle of Life Coaching I have been able to pinpoint large problems and bring them down to small things that are practical that I can do to affect meaningful, lasting change."

Client Testimonial: "I have gained awareness, structure and new ideas to experiment with for creativity from being in the Circle of Life process so far. Nina demonstrated skills in good leadership, great time management, being very verbally skillful and a fantastic listener."

Client Testimonial: "My experience and relationship with Nina Weil has been a life changing experience. Nina has taught me and inspired me and guided me into a healing state and path…mind body spirit. In the Healing Touch sessions, I experienced peace and calmness. When I began the sessions, looking back, I see how unstable and scattered I was, suffering daily with extreme anxiety and emotional pain. Nina never gave up on me. She kept working with me and something started happening for me. Nina's commitment to me and acceptance of me impacted me more than she knows. I began her health and wellness coaching sessions. This was very difficult for me at the time. Despite some resistance to the process, Nina's persistence and acceptance again OPENED ME UP TO NEW ENERGY AND POWER AND DIRECTION. Nina is a healer. Her intuition and gift of unconditional love changes lives. She has an ability and gift to aid people to find calmness, direction and power to move forward. I am grateful to Nina beyond measure!"

For more information, contact nina@ninaweil.com or call 650-255-2761.