I had my first introduction to hands-on healing over 30 years ago and was amazed at how powerful and healing this work can be. After taking the Healing Touch level 1 course in 2002, I pursued Healing Touch through certification in 2005 as the core modality for my work. I have trained in a variety of Energy Medicine modalities including Reiki 1, Touch for Health 1 & 2, Energy Medicine Parts 1-4, Emotional Freedom Technique, Re-connective Healing, Intranautics and Perceptual Awareness. I continue to educate myself in areas relevant to my work and personal growth.

I offer Healing Touch/Energy Healing sessions and individual coaching sessions in my private practice in Burlingame. Since 2007, I have been providing Healing Touch sessions to cancer patients and caregivers through the Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program. I have volunteered for Stanford's Healing Partners Program providing Healing Touch for cancer patients and caregivers since 2004. And I have worked extensively with elders, founding the Healing Touch Program (a nationally recognized, award winning program) at the Jewish Home of San Francisco, a skilled nursing facility.

My years of working with clients coming to the end of cancer therapies questioning what comes next, experiencing a sense of being in a void and not quite knowing how to return to their "normal" life and working with clients going through challenging life situations, led me to seek out a coaching model where I would have more tools to assist my clients in the next steps in their healing.

In 2011, I became a Certified Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach. This coaching process dovetailed perfectly with energy healing work in its holistic approach to health and wellness. It allowed me to integrate Energy Healing and Health and Wellness Coaching as my client's individual needs guided us.

Discovering The Cancer Journey Program in 2015, I knew in my core that this was my next step to fully support clients in their Healing Journey. Now a Certified Cancer Journey Coach, I am in awe of the power of the Cancer Journey Program process, tools and ease with which transformation can take place before my eyes.

As I support my clients in their self-healing process, I am committed to my own, having learned that each day presents opportunities for each of us to learn, grow and expand. I strive to live a balanced, positive, conscious and authentic life. As I acquire new skills, knowledge, awareness and tools to enhance my capacity to serve and evolve, I can be present with compassion and insight in both my work and in my personal life. A native of San Francisco, living in Burlingame, CA, I am the proud mother of 2 daughters (and 2 sons-in-law), joyous grandmother to 3, a lover of hiking, yoga, music, dancing, healthful eating and cooking, and adventure travel.

For more information, contact or call 650-255-2761.