Energy Medicine

In energy medicine, the human body is seen as a system consisting of an energy body, or bio-field, and energy centers.

  • The bio-field has multi-dimensional, overlapping, interpenetrating layers (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and an etheric layer which functions like a scaffold for the physical body.
  • The energy centers within the bio-field, called chakras, "power" the energy body. Each of the seven major chakras is associated with different organs and emotional states
  • Each layer of the energy body has a different frequency or vibration: the physical layer with the lowest vibration, the mental layer a higher vibration, the emotional layer, an even higher vibration and the spiritual layer higher yet.
  • Because of these interpenetrating layers of energy, all dimensions of ourselves are connected. When we speak of mind-body-spirit medicine, it takes into account the inter-relationship of all aspects or dimensions of ourselves and how we cannot isolate our physical bodies from our emotions or thoughts.

  • Energy flow is used as a medium for healing, based on the biophysics of the body, i.e. that we are energy beings. It takes the perspective that energy is a vital, living, moving force integral to our health and well-being.

In subscribing to ancient Eastern concepts, it is believed in Energy Medicine that disruption and blocks in the energy field and energy centers create disharmony and eventually can result in dis-ease. These blocks and disturbances can originate by stresses in daily life starting from birth, life trauma, accidents, and emotional upsets. In energy healing work, our process begins by setting intention to clear energy blockages, disturbances and disruptive cellular memory. Our mutual goal is to restore harmony, balance and wellness to all levels of being. In energy terms, we are raising our energy vibration.

Energy Medicine's Unique Benefits

In Energy Medicine, it is believed that any physical ailment pre-exists in the energy body as blocked or congested energy before it manifests in the physical body. We can be proactive and prevent illness by focusing on the energy body first and keeping it healthy and balanced. Because of the overlapping layers, it is believed that the physical body displays the after effects of the workings of the emotions, thoughts and spiritual energies. From this perspective, it is easier to understand why people present with many symptoms that cannot be diagnosed within conventional medicine because nothing shows up on related tests. Often the symptoms might appear in the body before the actual illness does, or the source and dis-ease might be only in the non-physical layers. This is why practitioners of CAM therapies promote awareness of the connection between the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit and how lifestyle has a direct bearing on health and well-being.

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