About Cancer Journey Coaching:

The Cancer Journey Panic to Powerful coaching model addresses healing of our interconnected physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, utilizing the proven Cancer Journey Road Maps and SLAMS Technique Model.

My mission as a Cancer Journey Coach is to support you to feel empowered through your cancer experience knowing the power to heal and reach beyond your cancer diagnosis is within you. My intention as a coach is to facilitate you finding and restoring your sense of true self, well being and wholeness.

Cancer Journey Roadmap:

Helping to identify where you are on the Cancer Journey Roadmap and where you want to go:

SLAMS Technique Model:

Key elements of the SLAMS technique model include empowering tools to help you:

  1. S = STOP (and get Present)
  2. L = LOCATE (where you are)
  3. A = ACTIVATE (who you truly are)
  4. M = MAKE (it Real)
  5. S = SELECT (A Powerful Perspective)

Cancer Journey Coaching is offered for individual sessions via phone. Panic to Powerful workshops are offered for groups.

For more information, contact nina@ninaweil.com or call 650-255-2761.